In The Right Place At The Right Time

I have a 21 month old daughter.

And I've been learning from her the very important things to live which I've often overlooked.

Today I'm going to write about one of them.

That is, you sould be in a group whose memebers are somehow better than you.

I thought my daughter was much matured and could do better than other children. But since we had started to go out to park, I realized other children who were even younger and smaller could play some playground equipments better.

Of cource, it didn't show my daughter was inferior because she had never watched or touched or played before, however, I remembered how much I was stunned by what those children could do and how good they could play.

My daughter didn't show her interest in those playground equipments when we went to the park when nobody played around.

But when my daugther watched those children playing, her eyes were very twinkling and she ran into them and tried to play.

That was when I realized that my daughter knew she could do the same play as they did and my daughter knew what she possibly could do.

And I also realized that it was a kind of short cut to know your latent possibility.

When you are in a member of those who are far better, you might think that they are just different and you might think you can't do it, and you might be smug in a group in which you are too superior.

Thus I think you should be in a proper group, not too high not too low but slightly higher level.