10 Things I Want To Do Till I Die

I read a blog about this title which was written by @popowa, and I was interested in it and was motivated to write about it.

Here are what are the 10 things I want to do till i die.

  1. Going back to Christchurch in NZ and stay for a certain period of time with my family
  2. Release a web-service with smartphone-app which is useful for dad and mum who are raising children, especially babies
  3. Studying at university for linguistics or design arts
  4. Living in Satoyama or in coastal area
  5. Watching a Manchester United at Old Trafford.
  6. Producing work with music and digital art
  7. Helping babies to exercise their imagination
  8. Travelling to North Europe, Sweden and Finland
  9. Being Yoga instructor
  10. Participate in London Marathon

Listing 10 things seemed difficult at first. But after considering what I really wanted to do, there were many interesting things floating into my mind.

Results will be different next time though, I strongly recommend you to do this and you see that the future is really infinite.

I need to keep myself being healthy.