I Attend At AIP English

I attended at AIP English on Thursday 27th October at AIP CAFE.

It started at 19:30, and ended at 22:00.
There are 4 people (2 of us were new member) and 1 teacher.

What we did this time is the following:
1. Game to search city names which start with A to Z
2. Introduction each other
3. Share the news (Public news or your personal news) and talk about it

  • Olympus Scandal
  • Traffice Accident in China

4. Explain your favourite food as if we didn't know that food.

  • Koi no arai
  • Karaage
  • Tekka dong
  • Okonomiyaki

The most interesting topic was about 'Soba'.

Can anybody explain why you call Yaki-Soba even though Yaki-Soba isn't made by "Soba-Ko"?

After AIP English, I searched the information if there is some clue on it.
I'm not sure if this theory is true, though. I read some explanation about the reason why Yaki-Soba has "Soba" on it's name

Japanese noodle has two types: "Soba", and "Udon".
(Don't accuse me of the case of "So-me")
And when Chinese noodle was imported to Japan, people called it "Chinese Soba(Chuka Soba)", because the noodle looked like soba.

Since then, thick noodle is called "Udon" and thin noodle is called "Soba" in general.

What do you think?