I have a dream

I have a dream.
NO, I have some.

I want to go back to Christchurch in New Zealand someday with my wife and my daughter who will be born in June this year.

I want to talk to them about what I learned, what I saw, how I grew up and why I loved the town.

I love my parents, too. So I now understand that it is almost difficult to immigrate and stay permanently. But if it’s possible, I want to stay at least for 1 month. 1 year would be too big to dream.

I also want to work with developers there.
I’m not an efficient developer, but if I can create and provide some networking-service for Kiwis, it would be “Dream Come True”.

Well, Google App Engine is a chance for me to start to archive.

What kind of web-service I can do, that’s the question.

At this point in time, to contribute to my company is my commitment but also one of my dream.
If I had not been employed by my current company, my life would have been collapsed.
I appreciate my company from my bottom of my heart, indeed.
So I’ trying to give my best every day.

And the biggest dream, that is my family smiles every day. And I want to smile with them.

Is it a tiny dream? Well maybe so. But the peaceful life is priceless and precious, isn’t it?

Damn, my English has been getting miserable day after day